Does the color of the grinding wheel affect grinding?

Does the color of the grinding wheel affect grinding?

Hope 2024-04-30 14:06:52

When you choose a grinding wheel, do you first judge based on the color? The white one is white corundum, the black and green one is silicon carbide... There is nothing wrong with the definition of this color, because it is the color of the abrasive itself. But there are orange, dark yellow and even pink grinding wheels on the market, so what are those grinding wheels?

Why are there so many colors?

  • The color of the abrasive itself,Black silicon carbide (C)-black,Green silicon carbide (GC)-green ,White corundum (WA) white,Chrome steel jade (PA)-pink,Ceramic Particles (RZ)-Blue,Mixed abrasive (GC+WA)-grey.
  • Binder color,Grinding wheels with a lower abrasive ratio, such as elastic grinding wheels, even if they are GC abrasives, the grinding wheel itself will not appear green, but will show the color of the binder with a higher proportion
  • dye color,The grinding wheel is specially dyed by the grinding wheel factory to distinguish models or other uses. Add dye during mixing to give the grinding wheel the desired color.

Does color affect the grinding effect?

  • Abrasive color:The type of abrasive naturally has a direct impact on grinding. High-strength abrasives are easy to cut, and alumina-based abrasives are more suitable for grinding ferrous metals... and other different characteristics.
  • Binder color:Binders include ceramics, resins, rubber... These binders also have different properties.
  • Effect of dyes on grinding:It is only dyed to distinguish the model and has no effect on grinding.


In fact, using the color of the grinding wheel to determine the type of abrasive is a simple way, but it is also an easy way to make mistakes, because the color of the grinding wheels on the market not only shows the color of the abrasive, but also the color of the binder or dye, and even the pores. The density will also affect the visual effect. When the formula is adjusted, the color may also change, or it may not change. What's more, color is subjective and can easily be affected by external factors. Therefore, if you want to judge whether your grinding wheel is suitable, you still have to look at the five factors on the inspection ticket: abrasive, particle size, bonding degree, structure, and bonding agent. These are the key factors that really affect the grinding effect. As for, why are the grinding wheel colors slightly different despite the same formula? Don't worry too much about this, maybe it's just a matter of adding less dye.

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