Silicon Carbide For Abrasive

Silicon Carbide For Abrasive

    Grinding Wheels:
  • Used for shaping, smoothing, and finishing a wide range of materials including metals, ceramics, glass, and superalloys.
  • Silicon carbide's extreme hardness (9-10 on Mohs scale) allows it to effectively grind even the toughest materials.
    Cutting Discs:
  • Utilizes silicon carbide's wear resistance to maintain sharp cutting edges for extended periods.
  • Enables efficient cutting of metals, concrete, masonry, and other hard materials.
    Honing Stones:
  • Takes advantage of silicon carbide's thermal stability for high-speed honing operations.
  • Maintains consistent abrasive properties even under significant frictional heat.
    Polishing Pads:
  • Silicon carbide's hardness and wear resistance makes it well-suited for polishing and lapping applications.
  • Used to achieve high-quality surface finishes on materials like glass, ceramics, and metals.
    Advanced Abrasive Products:
  • Porous microcrystalline ceramic tools with embedded silicon carbide.
  • Diamond-impregnated composite abrasives incorporating silicon carbide.
  • Innovative solutions further enhance performance in demanding industrial environments
    Wide Industrial Applications:
  • Utilized in manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, and other sectors.
  • Enables productivity improvements, cost-effectiveness, and quality enhancements.

Extreme Hardness

Exceptional Wear Resistance

Excellent Thermal Stability

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Low Thermal Expansion

Broad Application Scope