What are the main properties and advantages of white corundum?

What are the main properties and advantages of white corundum?

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White corundum, also known as white aluminum oxide, is a widely used abrasive material with a range of industrial applications. Its unique properties make it an essential component in various processes across different industries. In this article, we will delve into the main properties and advantages of white corundum, shedding light on its technical aspects and practical benefits.

Understanding White Corundum

White corundum is a synthetic material produced by fusing high purity alumina in electric arc furnaces. It is characterized by its exceptional hardness and purity, making it suitable for a diverse set of applications. With a chemical composition primarily consisting of aluminum oxide, white corundum exhibits remarkable properties that set it apart from other abrasive materials.

Properties of White Corundum

  • Hardness

    One of the key properties of white corundum is its exceptional hardness. With a Mohs hardness scale rating of 9, it is one of the hardest minerals, falling just below diamond and moissanite on the list of naturally occurring minerals. This property makes white corundum an ideal choice for applications requiring abrasive materials with superior hardness, ensuring effective cutting, grinding, and polishing.
  • Purity

    White corundum is renowned for its high level of purity. It is free from impurities and has minimal iron content, which prevents any discoloration when used as an abrasive. This purity ensures consistent performance and minimizes the risk of contamination during use, especially in critical applications such as microelectronics and precision manufacturing.
  • High Melting Point

    White corundum boasts a very high melting point, exceeding 2050°C (3722°F). This property makes it suitable for applications that involve extreme heat, such as refractory linings in furnaces and crucibles.
  • Toughness

    In addition to its hardness, white corundum possesses excellent toughness, allowing it to withstand high impact forces without shattering. This toughness is a crucial factor in abrasive applications, as it contributes to the material's durability and longevity, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.
  • Abrasive Properties

    White corundum exhibits exceptional abrasive properties, enabling efficient material removal and surface finishing. Its sharp edges and high friability contribute to its cutting effectiveness, making it suitable for tasks ranging from heavy-duty grinding to delicate precision work.

Advantages of White Corundum

  • Versatility

    One of the primary advantages of white corundum is its versatility. It finds extensive use in diverse industries, including metalworking, ceramics, electronics, and automotive, owing to its ability to cater to a wide range of abrasive needs. Whether it's for heavy stock removal or fine polishing, white corundum offers a versatile solution.
  • High Purity

    The material's high purity is a significant advantage, particularly in applications where cleanliness and precision are paramount. Industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and medical device production benefit from the absence of impurities, ensuring the integrity of the final products and minimizing the risk of contamination.
  • Consistent Performance

    White corundum's uniform composition and controlled manufacturing process result in consistent performance characteristics. This predictability is crucial for industrial processes, where reliable abrasive materials are essential for achieving desired outcomes and maintaining quality standards.
  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Despite its exceptional properties, white corundum offers cost-effective solutions for abrasive applications. Its durability and efficiency translate to longer tool life and reduced downtime, ultimately leading to cost savings for businesses relying on abrasive materials for their operations.

Applications of White Corundum

White corundum finds application in a wide array of industries and processes, including but not limited to:

  • Grinding and sharpening of cutting tools
  • Surface preparation for painting and coating
  • Precisionlapping and polishing of optical components
  • Manufacturing of refractory products
  • Production of high-quality abrasives for sandpaper and grinding wheels


In conclusion, white corundum stands out as a highly desirable abrasive material due to its exceptional properties and numerous advantages. Its exceptional hardness, high melting point, and chemical stability make it a valuable asset in various industries.

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